[] Easy voice for patch 0.5.1


Once again, he had packed his folder audio.

What is ignored sounds of voice acting in this light?
– The sound of the engines and their enemy ships (Bank changed)
– the sound of music (banks removed)
– in the archive was my file engine_config.xml with disabled sound banks that are no longer in fashion (it can be removed / not to use other modes if this If a file or put the sound mode is not a folder res)

What do we gain when installing a light voice?
Winning in reducing the conversion rate to the hard drive, and a slight decrease in the load on the CPU, as well as a slight decrease in consumption of the client RAM (all important for calculators as in previous versions of the light voice) release system resources starts to miss, to increase the quality of the graphics in the settings dialog without critical subsidence fps, and the absence of obvious jerks teleports and ships.

From what patches are taken to the banks of the assembly?
– It was the basis for the voice test patch and gradually for a comfortable game without wheezing and subsidence FPS old cans selectively replaced by new banks of all the patches until the patch

What do I do with the downloaded archive, and how to install it?

– After the downloaded file with the sounds you unpack any archive the downloaded file in the game folder. I use an alternative installation folder mods res_packages, which is like a folder res_mods also read customer when loading the game.

PS After the installation “Light voice,” if you have selected a preset in the settings of the client’s “low sound quality”, then you can safely put a “high quality”



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